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  Living alone for the first time

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PostSubject: Living alone for the first time   Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:30 am

I wish to know, when and if you have ever lived alone for the first time? What feelings this brought to you? What were the conditions of this place you lived in? How do you handle things? Anything to this nature...

For me, it is only day 4, and the feelings I have are of isolation. My flat is not the best place to live in Parnu, it may even be the worst, but is the only thing I can pay for.

The people who live around and near me are those who are like parasites, there is many people who do nothing but to walk around outside drinking and shouting loudly rude things to people passing. I have fear of unlocking my door at night, not even to mention to go outside my door. I had 4 days of laundry stolen only today from the buildings laundry room that I used for the first time today.

I have never been one to think one person is better than another, but after only 4 days here, I do not belong in the class of people I am living in.

I sit now alone on the only piece of furniture I own, a bed, and I wish for someone to talk to, about anything. For me, living alone is not something I like at all and I am not having so much luck adjusting to it.

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Living alone for the first time
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