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  Removing set urine odor from persian rugs?

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PostSubject: Removing set urine odor from persian rugs?   Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:21 am

The carpet would probably be 100% soaked in an enzyme bath for up to 24 yours. The enzymes, similar to the good bacteria we have in our mouths, will consume and digest the urine, making the urine rinse able and thus removable. The yellow tint may be pemanent, but the odor will be removed. You will have to keep dogs, and even cats away from the rug if it is cleaned as they tend to leave their mark on wool. In their stupidity, they think there is a competing animal close by. This is a territorial thing even though the wool comes from sheep. If you live in a rather large city, you will be able to locate professional businesses that specialize in wool rugcleaning. You can go to www.iicrc.org for a list of hot water carpet cleaners, that may offer this service, or know of some one near by that does.


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Removing set urine odor from persian rugs?
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